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TVCC Equine 

Booster Program

It is the goal of the TVCC equine program to certify students that are qualified to train and sale horses to the public. Through TQA (Training Quality Assurance) we are working on trying to set an industry quality standard for starting, training and selling horses to the public.  According to TQA there are four stages of setting a solid foundation on a horse. 


   1)  Setting the Foundation 

   2) Building on the Foundation Through Doing Jobs       

   3) Testing the Foundation Through Doing Jobs (Finding Holes)

   4) Using and Maintaining the Foundation To Do Jobs. 


Goals of TVCC's Booster Horse Student Sponsorship Program  

      1)  Give students experience in working with an actual client.

      2) Give students experience in taking a horse through TQA's                       various phases, stages and levels of training.  

      3)  Provide deserving students with supplemental income while

            going to school.  

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                                                Colt Starting

Currently the most common industry quality standard for "starting" a horse is to have them for two month and through TQA’s phase four of training. It is also common for most people training horses for the public to charge between $600 and $800 per month. So to set a “solid foundation” on a horse a person should expect to pay between ($1200 and $1600).  Although we are trying to meet the industry quality standard through the green breaking program, as a result of training young kids along with your young horse, we often times fall short of our goals.

Below I would like to share how much we have into the horses and offer a suggested booster donation. However, at the end of the day we are not running a business and whatever you choose to donate to our 501-C3 through the horse production program will be very much appreciated and will go far to help make our program better.

Fixed Costs to Cover Expense (Paid at Drop Off) 

TVCC Expense/ Term

       $400 Feed and Board

       $100 Teeth and Vet Expense

       $500 (For Three Months)

Training Donation: Work Experience Scholarship Program (501-C3)

Suggested Training Donation 

            Through Phase 4         $ 500 + $500 =   $1,000

            Through Phase 3         $ 400 + $500 =     $900

            Through Phase 2         $ 300 + $500 =     $800

            Through Phase 1          $ 200 + $500 =     $700

                                            Sale Horse Series

TVCC's sale horse program is for student's during their second year.  The focus of the sale horse series is to give students experience in selecting, training, marketing and selling an all around performance horse.  Student's in this series go through working cow horse in the fall, advanced horse training and cow cutting during the winter and arena horse skills during the spring.  The focus of these classes are to expose students to using a horse in all aspects of ranch work, showing and competing in the arena.  During these classes horses will be taken on field trips on local raches where horses can get exposed to actual ranch work as well as exposed to different shows through TVCC Stock Horse Team.  TVCC's stock horse team competes in ranch roping competitions, stock horse competitions and rope horse competitions.       

Total Cost:  $1,000 per term/ $3,000 for entire year  

            Fall - October, November, December

            Winter - January, Febuary, March 

            Spring - April, May, June 

Fixed Costs to Cover Expense (Paid at Drop Off) 

TVCC Expense/ Term


         $400 Feed and Board


Training Donation: Goes Into Scholarship Foundation (501-C3)

Suggested Training Donation 


  •        Booster Horse Sponsor Fee        $600 (60 rides @ $10/ ride)  

       The purpose of TVCC's booster horse student sponsorships are 
        two fold.  First, is to give students experience in working with an 
        actual client, in an actual horse training setting.  Second, is to 
        provide financial assistance to students while going to college. In 
        order to teach students the importance of work ethic and integrity in 
        training horses for the public.  Students will not get paid until they   
        turn in their rides at the end of every two weeks.             

Note:  This price includes the expense that we have to board the horse on the facility and money to be given to the student after riding the horse.  However, it does not include, shoeing, teeth, chiropractic or major medical expense.  

Make sure to down load the TVCC boarding agreement before dropping the horse off.  

TVCC Boarding Agreement 

We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate your support to the program. We could not do it without your continued support!!!!!!

For more information on TQA visit

For more information on Stock Horse Team shows and events visit.

Thank You

Wade Black