Cowboy Christian Fellowship  

    Club Adviser: Wade Black

About Us:

CCF is focused on achieving the TVCC mission statement through the teaching and application of God's word.  

TVCC Mission Statement:

TVCC is a comprehensive community college dedicated to promoting student success. 

The definition of "success" is the achievement of something desired, planned and attemptedIt is CCF's mission to provide a rodeo bible camp atmosphere where students can align their desires, plans and attempts with God's Word as they seek success in the equine, ranching or rodeo industries.  


1)  Create a rodeo bible camp atmosphere where students can meet new friends, grow in their faith, share their testimony and seek God for clear direction in the next steps of their life.


2)  Bring in guest speakers to speak to students and share their "pearls of wisdom" in what they have learned in finding a career path, living their life and managing their business with a child of God mentality.


3) Provide students with resources after graduation to continue pursuing their career path in Spirit and in Truth. 


4)  Create an environment of cowboys and cowgirls who like to have fun developing their horse training, ranching and rodeo skills, while growing in the Lord at the same time.    

5) Release a new generation into the work force in ag, equine, ranching or rodeo, who know their identity in Christ, have developed their God given gifts and talents and are having fun reflecting their relationship with Jesus and the reality of heaven through their work.  

- TFTC Online Bible Study 

Meeting Times  

1.  Breakfast and Prayer  

      - Where:  Livestock Center 

      - When:  Wednesday Mornings at 7:00 a.m. (Weekly)   

2.  Zoom Bible Study 

       - Where:  Online

       - When:  Sunday's @ 6:30 (Weekly) 

       -  Zoom Meeting 

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Below is a clip showing the foundation that our founding father's built the United State of America on.  The focus of CCF is helping students develop skills, find a career path and work in the ag, equine, ranching and rodeo industries while having a foundation built on these same principles.   

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