Dual Credit Offerings 

                ANS 144 Ranch Roping

TVCC offers a one day training for high school teachers during the summer to teach ANS 144 to their students.  High school teachers will teach the material to their students and then come to two training sessions hosted by Wade Black and TVCC students on a selected Friday that best fits the students and teachers. Students will then come to TVCC to pass the practical test either at one of the Saturday competitions, or arrangements can be made between the high school instructor and TVCC.   The full course of ANS 144 Ranch Roping will be taught Nov 6-10 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Saturday will be the first ranch roping competition.  This class can also be taken as a Community Ed class.     

Ranch Roping Syllabus 

                     ANS  144 Course Video 

ANS 181, 182, 183 Fundamentals of Equestrian Skills 

TVCC Horse Production offers a series of riding classes taught by adjunct professor Cami Olsen in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  These classes are open to all ages and experience levels and will give students experience in riding, training and competing if they choose to.  Students who choose to may compete with the Stock Horse Team in stock horse events. In addition, these classes can prepare the student to become a Certified Riding Instructor through the Certified Horsemanship Association   

ANS 181 - Fundamentals of Equestrian Skills I:  This course teaches the basic horsemanship and safety when handeling horse while saddling, briddling, mounting, dismounting and riding.  

ANS 182 - Fundamentals of Equestrian Skills II:  This course continues the basics of horse skills needed in riding and training of a versatile stock horse. 

ANS 183 - Fundamentals of Equestrian Skills III:  Teaches the advanced skills needed in the riding and training of a versatile stock horse.  This course will focus on the maneuvers and skills needed for ranch trail reining that are needed for a versatile stock horse.